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Guesthouse Hanahana


50-1 Hirara Kugai, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture

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10 minutes by car from airport, 5 minutes by car to city center, 4 minutes by car to supermarket, 1 minute by car to Irabu-ohashi Bridge

A one-way transfer is available at Miyako Airport for 1,000 yen and Shimoji Airport for 2,000 yen.
Please contact the airline, flight number and estimated time of arrival in advance if you wish to transfer to the airport (charges apply).

Parking: Yes (Free)

Requests for first-time guests

Miyako Island becomes very dark at night and the road becomes difficult to understand.
Thank you for checking in at a bright time so you don't get lost.
  • Access from the airport

    As they turn right hit the base line to the National Route 390 direction to the National Route 390 and turn right at the signal at leaving the airport parking lot,
    Turn right at the Y-junction immediately after the FamilyMart on the right side of the road, keep straight on National Route 390,
    Etc. After a while run over MaxValu turn left at the National Route 192 intersection Kugaikita with FamilyMart,
    Hisamatsu Junior High School you go for a while after Hisamatsu Junior High School, you will see a crossroad with Matsuda Orthopedic Clinic.
    Turn left at the first crossroad beyond the orthopedics,
    Immediately after that, turn right again at the first T-junction and go up the hill along the road. You will see Hanahana.
  • Access time to main points

    10 minutes by car from Miyako Airport, 5 minutes by car from Hira city, 5 minutes by car to Painagama Beach
    The Turiba District is conveniently located 5 minutes by car to a large supermarket, 5 minutes by car from the ferry landing, 10 minutes on foot to the Irabu-ohashi Bridge Turiba District, and 1 minute by car to Irabu-ohashi Bridge.
  • Access time to major attractions

    15 minutes by car to Yonaha Maehama Beach, 10 minutes by car to Sunayama Beach, 30 minutes by car to Ikema Island
    35 minutes by car to Ueno German Culture Village Cape Higashi Henna, 50 minutes by car to Cape Higashi Henna, 20 minutes by car to Kurima Island
  • For guests coming by car

    Hanahana, if you use a car navigation system, even if you search by phone number or address, it may not be accurate.
    In that case, Hisamatsu Chugakko search for “Hisamatsu Chugakko”
    Hisamatsu Junior High School will explain if you can call us after arrival at Hisamatsu Junior High School. Hisamatsu Junior High School takes about 1 minute by car from Hisamatsu Junior High School.
    There is also a car park for rental cars. (Free)