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Facility information

*No smoking inside the building
*To prevent new coronavirus, we are implementing the following.
・We will check the temperature and check the physical condition at check-in.
・We regularly ventilate and disinfect
・When there are many guests, we may adjust the order of the voice and shower in the common space so as not to be crowded.
  • Wood deck space

      • Wood deck space is a healing space of about 72 square meters
        A spacious and comfortable wooden deck space is provided separately from the large Yuntaku Room.
        Hammock chair, 50-inch TV with BS CS,
        There are large sofas made in foreign countries and fashionable accessories, so please relax and relax.
      • The most popular is the wooden deck terrace for adults
        Hanahana boasts a 72 square meter spacious Hanahana deck terrace.
        There is no doubt that the story of the trip will be exciting!
        Island food, island liquor, fun friends and nature are your friends.
        It's a luxurious time to read while sitting in a hammock chair.
      • There is also a dart space that can only be used by guests.
        Healing space for adults with plenty of tropical mood available only to hotel guests.
        At night, staff and owners gather here and everyone is excited about the darts competition.
        There is no doubt of going back because it is located on the premises, so there is no doubt that you will be excited about the story of your trip.
        *There are no regular holidays from late April to the end of October.
  • Private garden

      • Private garden that is completely inner courtyard
        A large lawn garden that occupies a large proportion of Hanahana's total area of 210 tsubo.
        Under the blue sky, everyone can do BBQ or hunting together.
        At night, when the weather is nice, you can see shooting stars and the Milky Way!
        Spend a relaxing and luxurious island time in the garden where you can hear the birdsong.
      • The proud lawn garden is the best healing space
        In the large garden with palm trees, there are colorful chairs and tables that are sure to appear on Instagram.
        The barbecue stove made by remodeling the drum can is overflowing with healing items.
        A pleasant breeze and the chirping of birds will heal you!
  • Sky Garden

      • Hanahana proud Sky Garden
        This is also Hanahana proud healing space! Its name is Sky Garden!
        Would you like a beer from the daytime on a wonderful hill where you can see the sea and overlook the town of Hira?
        It is a popular spot in Hanahana where you can spend a cool and comfortable daytime with a sunshade.
  • Yuntaku Room

      • Yuntaku Room is a space for everyone to relax
        The Hunter Yuntaku Room of Hanahana is approximately 55 square meters and can be used spaciously.
        Let's get excited about traveling from small children to elderly people!
      • Yuntaku Room is a spacious and comfortable space of about 55 square meters
        This is a comfortable Yuntaku Room where guests can gather and have a free time to chat, play games, eat and drink.
        A healing green is placed in each place to heal guests.
        It's a nice shared space where laughter always sounds.
  • Other

      • Spacious and clean open kitchen
        Shared kitchen space. The best part of the guesthouse is cooking with other guests!
        You can see the stylish kitchen counter in the foreground!
        Why don't you try island food in a spacious and clean kitchen?
        We have prepared two refrigerators for guest guests.
      • 3 clean and clean shower rooms
        We are passionate about cleanliness, cleanliness and comfort.
        Of course, body soap and rinse-in shampoo are also available.
        Please be assured that there are separate rooms for men and women.
      • 2 toilets with washlets
        Equipped with the latest washlet.
        Please use clean and clean toilet comfortably.
        Hanahana is also passionate about toilet space.
      • Rest assured with a women-only toilet
        There is a clean and beautiful toilet for women only so you can rest assured.
        Toilet paper holder is an original made from wood thermowood ordered from Finland.
      • Spacious parking space
        Hanahana total area of 200 tsubo and is spacious and spacious

        Of course, free parking is available in front of you. There is a spacious parking lot for about 7 cars.

Guesthouse Hanahana Free Service

Various games

There are also card game classic UNO, Hanafuda Trump and Jenga.

Various incense

There are always a few relaxing incense sticks, so feel free to use them as healing items.

Miyako Island related tourism information magazine

Jalan, RURUBU, Mapple Magazine, Okinawa Style guidebooks are also available.
Of course you can rent it during your stay, so feel free to use it as your travel source.

Travel planning

At the time of check-in, explanations of Miyakojima points and weather were taken into consideration
We will help you with the best planning so you can feel safe even on your first Miyako Island.
Please feel free to contact us for information on recommended restaurants.

Use of cooking utensils and kitchen

It is the use of the shared kitchen that is also a feature of the guest house, but at the Guesthouse Hanahana,
Because there are rice cookers, pots, takoyaki machines, hot plates, microwave ovens, etc.
Why don't you challenge island cuisine with your guests?

Basic seasoning

Various basic seasonings are available, so feel free to use them.

Shampoo & body soap

Always in the shower room.

Air conditioner & Fan

All Western and Japanese rooms have a fan and air conditioning.

Free Parking

7 and 8 cars can be parked safely.
KAZEJETSKI Endurance Race with jet skis at KAZEJETSKI Endurance Race can park if they contact us in advance.

WIFI (Free)

There are a total of three high-power wireless LANs installed in the Hanahana facility,
You can use it in a stable Internet environment.
Please use it for information gathering in Miyako Island sightseeing.
*Please make wireless LAN (WIFI) connection by yourself.
*Please understand that we do not rent computers.