【Official】Guesthouse Hanahana

Guest houses in Miyako Island

A stylish and upscale guesthouse where you can stay cheaply and safely, whether you are traveling alone or in groups or families

A guesthouse in Miyakojima where you can enjoy a resort feeling with style

  • Enjoy the feeling of a resort at the same price

    Guesthouse Hanahana is conscious of spacious space at a low price.
    So that you can enjoy the resort feeling while keeping the low price of the guesthouse,
    A space where you can relax and cherish the Hawaiian atmosphere with a particular focus on everything.
    In recent years, hotels feel unsatisfactory,
    An increasing number of guests are staying in guesthouses seeking connections and encounters with people.
    Enriched the facilities while keeping the good parts of the hotel
    Please see the production of "Guesthouse Hanahana"!
  • A guest house for adults in Miyako Island

    "Guesthouse Hanahana" on Miyako Island, a Remote Island in Okinawa Prefecture,
    This is a higher-grade accommodation for adults.
    Would you like to peek at the healing production scattered throughout the 210 tsubo area?
    It is an accommodation facility that can accommodate a wide range of guest age groups.

A guest house where women can stay alone even when traveling alone

  • Since opening, it has been used by many women traveling alone

    We have received many joyful comments from customers who have traveled alone.
    Among the guesthouses on Miyakojima, Hanahana is also characterized by many female guests.
    We always strive to provide comfortable spaces, services, and support from the women's perspective.
  • Many things you can do because you are traveling alone.

    Even if you come to Miyakojima Guesthouse Hanahana on your Guesthouse Hanahana, you can make friends right away so please come to play with peace of mind.
    Chatting with guests I met on the road, cooking and eating together,
    Have a fun and exciting time drinking alcohol and playing games.
  • Guesthouse Hanahana features many family travelers

    With children such as elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students,
    A lot of family travel customers use it.
    Hanahana has a lawn garden and a large Hanahana deck terrace,
    All guests can enjoy a relaxing island time.
    Spend a relaxing time with your family on the deck terrace or on the lawn garden.


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Hotel Name

Guesthouse Hanahana


50-1 Hirara Kugai, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture

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10 minutes by car from airport, 5 minutes by car to city center, 4 minutes by car to supermarket, 1 minute by car to Irabu-ohashi Bridge

A one-way transfer is available at Miyako Airport for 1,000 yen and Shimoji Airport for 2,000 yen.
Please contact the airline, flight number and estimated time of arrival in advance if you wish to transfer to the airport (charges apply).

Parking: Yes (Free)
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  • Paid service

    ☆Miyako Island Information
    Content:We will guide you to Miyako Island according to the needs of our guests!
    Time required: About half a day
    Fare: 2000 yen / name-3000 yen / name

    ☆Snorkel rental
    Fare: 1000 yen / day
    *500 yen for tours and sets

    ☆Starry sky photography
    Fare: 2000 yen / name
    *3000 yen / person except for guests

    ☆Sky Garden BBQ
    Fare:3,500 JPY/times
    *Ingredients and drinks are paid for
  • Airport transfer service

    Hanahana you wish to pick up the airport (paid) provided by Hanahana,
    Please let us know your airline, flight number, and estimated time of arrival in advance.
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.